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Nearly all schools in the country publish yearbooks annually to commemorate the past academic year.  Yearbooks are compilations of the school’s people, events, and activities, including portraits of all the students, staff, and faculty.  A common tradition is to have friends and teachers sign your yearbooks in blank autograph pages at the end of the book.  Each school usually has a yearbook committee comprised of faculty and students who organize the layout and content of the yearbook. 

While yearbooks are an important tradition in our academic institutions, they’re not always popular with students.  In fact, recent studies have shown a decline in the number of students interested in participating in or purchasing yearbooks.  One reason for the decline is that it’s difficult to get students to participate in something they won’t really be able to appreciate for another five to ten years.  Moreover, some students question the purpose of a yearbook when they have access to social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace to keep track of old class friends & alumni.  Publishing companies are trying to keep up with the cyber trends by providing additional services, such as online yearbooks and digital yearbooks on DVD.

Online School Yearbooks

Are you looking for online school yearbooks?  The internet has allowed thousands of people to get in touch with old friends and relatives.  And a lot of us are also trying to find school portraits, team photos, and old teachers in online school yearbooks.  Some people lose their yearbooks when they move, or perhaps they were lost at your parent’s house years ago.  Unfortunately, not all yearbooks are available online.  And, some publishing companies don’t always keep track of old school yearbooks, since they publish millions of books a year.  Call your alma mater or check with a local library to see if they have kept any copies of your school yearbooks. 

If neither option pans out, try searching for your school yearbooks online.  Some classmates or collectors may be selling your school yearbooks through online services, such as EBay or Craigslist.  Additionally, there are a handful of companies that scan old yearbooks for online viewing.  Because more people are using the internet these days, a number of school yearbook committees are creating online school yearbooks.  Online school yearbooks are similar to the real thing, but they’re digital and can be accessed from just about anywhere.  While having online school yearbooks may be more convenient and less expensive, it certainly doesn’t feel the same as being able to flip through the pages and read signatures from old friends and teachers.      

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