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Believe it or not, there is a National Association of Reunion Managers organization, that's right, planning reunions is big business.  They're referred to in short as the NARM and can be visited on the web at   This is the official association of reunion planners for all type of high school, undergraduate, and graduate schools.  They can help you to locate a reunion planned in your city, that meets your needs, and is experienced in locating high school class friends and letting them know that there's a reunion in the making.

Planning a reunion is certainly not rocket science, but it definitely can be a time consuming activity.  A professional reunion planner can take the time and hassle out of planning a school reunion.  Reunion planners are resourceful specialists in a niche type industry.  

What if I am trying to plan a non-class type of reunion such as a family reunion or military reunion?  The NARM only specializes in planning high school land college reunions.  However, there are other resources that you can consider located at  

What about the confidentiality of my information and that of my high school class friends?

There are industry standards and a code of ethics that all NARM members abide by.  Personal information is collected only for the purpose of organizing reunions and isn't sold or disseminated any further.

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